Pieces of Home

18 Jun

I’m not sure why, but fragments and pieces in imagery is really compelling to me. My username is partially inspired by my love of the image. Pieces of glass, fragments of cloth, they all speak to some greater whole informed by a multitude of broken parts. In particular, I love the association of fragments and pieces with identity. All the tiny pieces that make up YOU, held together by lived experience.

So when the “The Aguero Sisters” interpreted my favorite metaphor into a literal plot point, I was super excited.

The imagery of two sisters being literally reshaped by their family past was incredibly powerful for me. For Constancia, her face becomes that of her mothers. No one seems to recognize her anymore, her children are grown and gone, and her husband has left her to play at being a soldier. Her identity, as defined by her relationships with her family, has literally consumed her. Her face, the most important marker of who we are, is lost. For Reina, she loses her job, her source of pride, after a lightning strike. The lightning strike also forces her to accept skin grafts from her loved ones. When she leaves Cuba for Florida, she literally takes pieces of her family with her.

The plot focuses on the slow revelation of their family past. Who their ancestors were, who their parents were, and why their mother was murdered. The coming together of Constancia and Reina, who were close to one parent or the other, and know one half of the story, is a merging of the two pieces. Their coming together is a reformation of the narrative, with Reina bringing pieces of Cuba and Constancia bringing the memory of their mother.

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