Every Kind of Queer: Discrimination within the LGBTQ Community

09 Jun

I was browsing Tumblr a little while ago, when I came upon this comic.

This comic exemplifies a problem that unfortunately plagues many marginalized groups/organizations/communities. In attempting to celebrate inclusivity and promote an end to discrimination, many groups can end up excluding or discriminating against minorities within their own community.

One way in which this is often manifested is through invisibility, like bi invisibility, or invisibility of pansexuals, asexuals, racial minorities, trans* individuals, etc.

These are the problems that intersectionality tries to fix, rejecting the second-wave feminism that bell hooks describes, prescribing specific beauty practices that, being non-normative, can only be practicable for the priveliged. For this reason, feminism has traditionally only attracted white, middle-class women. But it’s important to include all kinds of people! Just focusing on one group is not enough!

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