Mini Michelle Obama Look-Alike

07 Jun

Mini Michelle Obama Look-Alike

I came across this picture in my Tumblr feed the other day, and was reminded of our class (especially since my group is researching the women of the 2008 election for our presentation!). After some quick investigation, I found out the top picture with the children is actually a photoshoot done by a woman who created a “Toddlewood” ( However, what I find more interesting is the reaction I originally saw on Tumblr to the photo comparison. “Yes to young black girls in America being able to play dress up as the first lady for the first time ever. YES” wrote one user. I think it’s powerful to see the many positive reactions I saw on this post, which gathered almost 6000 likes/reblogs on tumblr. Having women of color in prominent positions can provide such a validating experience for people who rarely see themselves represented in mainstream media. (Also, this is just so incredibly cute.)


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