“Girlfight” Cover

06 Jun

from Urban Latino

This is the cover with Michelle Rodriguez and Santiago Douglas on it that I mentioned in class last week. I showed it to a friend who pointed out the difference between his glasses and sweater– which leave him unexposed and aloof– and her low-cut, sleeveless dress/blouse and position under his arm. What do you think? I found his sweater and glasses to be somewhat feminine, but perhaps that is just the influence that present trends have on how I read his clothing.


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2 responses to ““Girlfight” Cover

  1. vanduymr

    June 6, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Wow. This cover has so much going on! The chain around her neck that he’s holding like a leash is just crazy. And she definitely is more exposed than he is. The eye is drawn to her, and he kind of fades into the background. It’s also interesting that her hair isn’t really in the shot. They both have very intense gazes into the camera, which almost seem to be daring the audience to contest their poses.

  2. varanass

    June 7, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    I’m so surprised the co-stars of “Girlfight” agreed to pose in such a way for the cover of Urban Latino. I agree with Emily: my first reaction was that Douglas’ attire is somewhat more feminine than I would’ve otherwise expected (as the macho boxer he plays in the film), with his subtle grey turtleneck sweater and pink-tinted glasses. Besides his clothes, he still looks completely in charge of her with the subtle chain around her neck. Her neck. I cannot believe that although she is holding the chain in her right hand, he has control of her hand, with his lying on top of hers. Her expression appears as it did throughout most of the film, annoyed and misunderstood. In contrast to vanduymr, I think his expression, on the other hand, looks relaxed yet still aware that he has the upper-hand over this woman literally laying on his lap. I do, however, agree that I am not sure why the director of the photoshoot opted for her hair to be out of the shot. I understand that he/she may have wanted some skin on the cover (of course it’s Rodriguez’s), but I don’t think the hair should have been compromised in an effort to expose some of her skin. On the whole, I think this cover does a poor job of advertising the themes and their characters in the movie.


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