Girl Fight Article

03 Jun

Check out the first two paragraphs, interesting commentary…


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2 responses to “Girl Fight Article

  1. yawen214

    June 4, 2013 at 9:10 am

    It’s interesting that Michelle mentioned how she learnt discipline through the movie, as we discussed if boxing as a trains Diana to discipline herself and argued if that help make her less violent.
    Another interesting point is that Santiago deliberately hit Michelle because he thought she was overconfident as she got no failure in the whole story. In the meanwhile, Michelle mentioned training as a boxer makes her ego files all over the place and she even start to welcome challenge in the street. In another word, the power boxing granted for Michelle makes her more violent. I wonder how these feelings can apply to Diana. Does Diana become more violent inside or is her violence transformed into more disciplined power?

  2. kelseyjk

    June 7, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Ebert wrote that Girlfight “is a story about a girl growing up in a macho society and, far from being threatened by its values, discovering she has a nature probably more macho than the men around her.” We’ve talked a little in class about what makes something masculine (macho) and what makes something feminine, but we’ve never come close to a conclusion. So what does it mean for Diana to have “a nature probably more macho than the men around her”? She’s engages in violence as well as boxing, but her father is violent and there are lots of men who box. She isn’t great at expressing her feelings, but no one in the film is. Yes, much of her behavior is coded as more masculine than that of the other women, but what makes it more masculine than that of the men (especially since she was also able to display more “feminine” traits toward the end of the movie)? I wish we had been able to discuss definitions of “masculine” and “feminine” beauty, behavior, etc. more thoroughly in class.


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