02 Jun

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I just can’t find the words to begin talking about this. Apparently this girl, Sophia Grace, is 8 years old…. yeah. The picking out a dress part is very interesting.. Be warned there is a lot of pink in this video! Talk about gender norms…


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3 responses to “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun

  1. robertsc16

    June 2, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    Even with a warning, that was a little too much pink to handle! Even the lighting was rosy, wow.

    What does this pink symbolize? Typically, of course, pink is associated with femininity, but as we’ve discussed in class there is not just one kind of femininity. Pink seems especially tied to girlhood. There is this rush of all things pink and purple and sparkles and tutus at about Sophia’s age (in LegoFriends, for example), perhaps as a way of introducing the importance of beauty. The vibrancy of pink (etc) imparts a strong message about what kind of beauty a little girl is supposed to be seeking, and once she has digested that message (as she ages) she can instead find it in subtler ways.

    As Negrón-Muntaner described, “…’play’ allowed specific subjects and groups to ‘model and experiment with personhood, and different contexts in which we may be selves” (40). Could an overload of pink be a way for little girls to play with the idea of womanhood? To try on on the “context” or “self” of femininity? Is the ubiquity of pink for little girls forcing this specific idea of femininity upon them? Do the girls that like pink only like pink because they were told to like pink? (Goodness, this is all a lot of pink.)

  2. goodyeak

    June 5, 2013 at 10:57 am

    I feel like the media associates little girls with tutus, princesses and anything pink. I know personally growing up, I was obsessed with pink. I had a pink room, pink pillows, a fluffy pink alarm clock and a pink barbie house. It was at its peak when I was 8. I still love pink, but why was I so obsessed then? I feel like as little girls we are conditioned by everything around us to LOVE pink. Pink is associated with being ‘girly’ and being ‘cute’, the definition of these two girls, Sophia Grace and Rosie. Also, the fact that all the girls in the video are in either pink, red or white and all the boys are in blue, reinforces these gender stereotypes of what little girls and little boys should be.

    I would also argue that the ‘pinkness’ of the video seems to distract us from her actual lyrics…

    Yo, my name is Sophia grace
    And if you’re listening to the radio right now
    Get your tutus on
    Girls just gotta have (x3) fun, fun
    Girls just gotta have fun

    Verse 1:
    Hey girls, we got it going on green light
    Want to get to the mall, they got them jeans I like
    And I see some cute kicks I wanna wear tonight
    I got my glam on chick, oh yeah
    EO, EO, EO
    Back up to the crib we go
    We so stupid fresh, it’s something like a fashion show
    We’re going off like a bomb
    Everybody knows it’s on, somebody ring the alarm, yeah

    Doesn’t matter where we’re gonna be at
    Cause the parties gonna follow me here
    So mister DJ, let the music play
    We’re gonna have a good ti-i-ime

    To me, this doesn’t sound like an 8 year old…but maybe thats just me.

  3. Lilly

    June 7, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    As much as I love Ellen, I know that she really loves Sophia Grace and her sister. I constantly see these girls being showered with pink and toys and goods, and they are definitely celebrities these days. I just wonder how these girls will grow up, and how much society and the luxuries they receive will affect how they think of beauty. Will they still be the cute, pink, and super-energized girls? Or, will they turn spoiled? There is just something about them right now, where I don’t think they are bad children at all–they actually seem quite nice and energetic in interviews–but, I fear this will lead to a negative future. Though, this is my pessimistic self, I suppose.


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