Just some interesting finds…

30 May

Hey guys!

Here are some interesting finds from Jezebel over the past few days.

Here is a link looking at racial roles in cartoons, specifically Doug from Nickelodeon:


This second link is a response from editors of a beauty site to the Dove beautiful campaign:


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2 responses to “Just some interesting finds…

  1. fantinio

    May 30, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    I was looking forward to reading a critique of the Dove adds, as they’ve been getting a lot of attention lately, however I wasn’t so taken with xoVain and Jezebels new take. Beauty Site xoVain says “Beauty is an option, not an obligation” and “we can all indulge in personal vanity”, both of which I just find to be totally wrong. Sure, choosing whether or not to engage in body work in the name of beauty is an option, but whether or not beauty affects your life is not, it’s just a reality that many of the articles we have read for this class have quoted. As for indulging in personal vanity, I would argue that is a momentous task for some women who fall outside of what is considered stereotypically attractive by today’s culture and media.

    On another note, the article describes these women as confident, but I think anyone listening in on their monologues would describe them as vain and self-obsessed. I feel like this video unwittingly highlights how difficult it is for women to express self-confidence in their appearance in a way that is not either sarcastic, satirical, or just “bitchy,” and if anything draws attention to how hard it is for women to express self-confidence in socially acceptable ways in our culture.

  2. reedh2013

    June 1, 2013 at 1:47 am

    I too was not a fan of the xoVain video. I agree with Olivia on both points. I would add that even for women who are stereotypically attractive, like model Cameron Russell, positive feelings about their body are far from easy to achieve, let alone express. When women express satisfaction or pride in their appearance, the distinction between confidence and vanity is determined in part by the way individuals describe themselves, but also by the way other women perceive their beauty. If a “real” woman with plenty of “flaws” says she loves the way she looks, other women tend to respond with support. (ie. “Good for her.”) They might even be inspired to say the same for themselves–I think this was the basis of the original Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. But if, for example, a model discusses how beautiful she is, then in the minds of many women she is just a narcissistic bitch. The feeling of solidarity is disrupted when a stereotypically beautiful woman acknowledges her own beauty because she is perceived as lacking authenticity.


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