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29 May

Here are a few links to interesting and somewhat-relevant articles that I’ve come across recently and wanted to share with you all:

In light of our reading on how race affects the responses you get, both in person and online, check out this article about The Mindy Project’s plethora of white romantic interests: 

This post addresses the connotations of virtue and “modesty” attached to physical and behavioral presentation:

This article about/profile of three female artists who helped develop ideals of female beauty through their work painting pinup girls is pretty interesting (but long): 

At other points in class, we’ve briefly mentioned Beyonce and how some of her appeal may stem from her light skin and “feminine” roles; this author tackles some of that too, but writes that “ultimately, the policing of feminist cred is the real moral contradiction”:


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2 responses to “links to things

  1. kelseyjk

    May 29, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    Also, courtesy of my roommate, here are Founding Father pinups:

  2. robertsc16

    May 31, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    The article about The Mindy Project is especially relevant after today’s class. How is Mindy’s preference for white men alike and different from “yellow fever”? As we touched on in class, what is it about a certain race or group that someone finds especially attractive?

    We also talked about in class how non-normative couples–be them interracial, homosexual, involving differences in age or height, etc–are sometimes viewed as “truer love.” I wonder if the writers of The Mindy Project are manipulating that perception to further caricature Mindy’s idealist hunt for fairy-tale/rom com perfect romance.


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