Tidal Wave Girls

13 May

I just thought this video was interesting. It’s a short video made about how gender roles are changing in the United States. Towards the middle of the video, a young boy is asked what his ideal girlfriend would be. He says that he wants a girl who is smart and pretty. This reminded me of what Olivia brought up in class a few weeks ago. Why are woman just defined by looks in terms of beauty and not intelligence?

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One response to “Tidal Wave Girls

  1. yawen214

    May 13, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    This is a beautifully made video! However, even though the US society started to evaluate the intelligence aspect of women, the evaluation is till only happening within a really limited scope. For most of the women, especially ethnically and socio-economically unprivileged ones, the tag “intelligence” is hard to reach, as fewer of them are accessible to good education resources and that they are distracted more by demands to work due to their families’ financial insecurity. Indeed the price of being intelligent now is really high: now that fewer and fewer families are able to afford their children through college.
    The “intelligent women” , “women in science” or “female leaders in business” are the very few people who happen to fit into the patriarchal standard of success and smartness. Those jobs that most women are involved are still undervalued. For example, the video mentioned that though the girl’s mum is not the CEO of a fortune 500, she is the chief executive of the family. But apparently a house wife is much under evaluated than a fortune 500 CEO. Some women even feel the pressure of being a good worker and a good housewife at the same time as they are not only required to be smart ( a modern version of virtue) but also to be competent in daily house work (a conventional version of virtue).

    On the other hand, as a woman who is lucky enough to get onto the track of being evaluated not only by appearance, but also by intelligence or other abilities, I definitely vindicated the empowering feeling. As I definitely feel more freedom in terms of my family plans, my sexuality and my career choice.


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