Hmmm… the modeling industry…

25 Apr

CNN Clip: “White Model Made ‘African Queen'”

Being that I am African, I found this CNN News clip particularly interesting. If the media pushes for whiteness as beautiful, why is this model “trying” to exemplify African beauty? I am a bit confused. If blackness is not beautiful, modified blackness in the modeling industry is acceptable?

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  1. Lilly

    May 4, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    You know, when I heard the term “blackface” used to associate the make-up that was used on this model, I thought it was legit, intense blackface–the type one would see at minstrel shows a hundred years ago. To be honest, if I saw this photo in a magazine, I would have thought the model was just made to look extremely tan or exotic and still Caucasian. (What could that mean?) Black did not come across to me when seeing the photo alone, but when I saw “African Queen” next to it, I realized what it was supposed to represent.

    This is slightly off-topic, BUT… interestingly enough, I was talking about Vanessa Williams to a few of my male residents in my dorm as the topic of beauty pageants arose after we watched Little Miss Sunshine. They Googled her, and the first thing one of the guys said was, “Wait, what? She’s not black! She’s just really tan!” And then, it took me a few minutes to convince him she was just light-skinned…

    Was the light-skinned or exotic black look the idea the artist was going for? Even so, there are still some issues with this.


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