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20 Apr

Just an interesting find:

Again, from Friday’s class, our conversation on the differences between “fixing” and “enhancing” made me think back to these series of YouTube videos I came across a while ago. These videos are part of a “tag” called “My Perfect Imperfections.” The tag is simple: List three things you don’t like about yourself and list three things you do like about yourself.

After watching several of these videos, it didn’t come as too much of a shock to me that the majority of people listed their physical characteristics. But, it was a pleasant surprise to see the video of a very young girl (below) who listed things such as her tongue not liking veggies, being afraid of the dark, or appreciating being a human on Earth, as some of the things she disliked and liked about herself. It was also pleasant for me to hear the teen (below) give a brief introduction mentioning that everyone has flaws, but we are who we are and to appreciate that.

I was compelled to feel as though these YouTubers’ criticisms on their bodies were alluded to some desire for them to “fix” these issues, but in the end, these videos leave the viewer (myself) to believe that what they must do is just live with what they have and do what they can to “enhance” their other areas–the things they like about themselves.

If you’re curious to see how this works, here are five I selected (out of about 46,200 results) to show some variety in age, people, etc:

A YouTube beauty guru and the originator of the tag:

Another YT beauty guru:

A young girl:

A teen

A college student:

So, I’m thinking… for fun and for those who are up for it, I tag Beauty & Race! Would anyone like to explain a few of their “Perfect Imperfections” in the comments below?

Don’t feel compelled to do this, if this is something you don’t like. As always, comments and criticisms on this tag and these videos are welcome!

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